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Aero Commander 1121 Jet Commander


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Aero Jet Commander


1121 Jet Commander





H. Davidson

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historical significance

First Albuquerque Visit: 1964 for FAA high Altitude airport qualification tests.

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The Aero Jet Commander was here in 1964 for FAA high Altitude airport qualification tests. Aircraft number N612J one of the new 8 place twin engine Executive Jets with a factory test pilot and FAA inspectors spent ten days in the last part of April conducting high altitude acceptance tests at the Municipal Airport in Albuquerque.

Karl Keller, Chief Test Pilot for Commander, says that all tests were entirely successful in meeting FAA requirements for approving the Jet for selling to the public. The Commander Jet was tested at 16,000 gross weight conditions for performance on high altitude runways. The plane with full gross weight, could climb from sea level to 25,000 ft. is just over 4 minutes and that economical cruise at 35,000 ft. produces speeds of from .74 to .78 mach, (525 to 535 mph). Keller further says that the plane has been flown at speeds up to .96 mach with no buffeting or flutter.

Landing speeds under average weight conditions allow touchdown at approximately 95 knots with base leg speeds of 130 knots and final approach speeds of 110 knots. Full gross load takeoffs here at Kirtland were generally accomplished under 2800 ft. and full stop landings completed generally within 3500 ft. from touchdown.

The Commander Jet is certified at .80 mach and maximum cruise at 35,000 ft. is 560 mph, and 570 mph at 40,000 ft. Keller says that the best cruising altitudes are between 35,000 ft to 40,000 ft and that at these altitudes, fuel consumption is from 1270 to 1470 pounds per hour with the aircraft having 6432 pounds of fuel total capacity. Absolute maximum range is close to 2,000 miles.

The power plants are the General Electric CJ-610 jet engine which is the same engine currently being used in the Air Force Talon Jet Trainer. These engines produce 2,850 pounds of thrust each.

In 1968 Aero Commander Company was sold in 1968 to North American Rockwell. With Rockwell having an executive jet of there own design, sold the Jet Commander to an Israel Company. Over 150 were built before it was updated to the Westwind 1123 and was produced until 1980’s.