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cavalcade of wings

model collection

Anyone who has flown into or out of the Albuquerque Sunport may have noticed the Cavalcade of Wings aviation history museum display of over 900 aircraft models. This museum, located west of the Sunport’s “Great Hall”, tells the history of Albuquerque’s aviation from the first Balloon flight in 1882 to everything flying in and out of the Sunport today. Cavalcade of Wings uses models to document the history of private, commercial, and military aviation for Albuquerque and Kirtland Air Force Base. Just about everything that flew throughout history came through Albuquerque at one time or another. The museum display tells the story through the collection of high quality scale aircraft models that have and continue to make a contribution to Albuquerque’s aviation history. Most of the models on display are painted and marked in the livery of how the real plane looked when at Albuquerque.


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